Pros of Air Freight Services

Pros of Air Freight Services

Moving an item from point A to point B has always been an issue for everyone to solve. Of course, land transportation was the initial technique used to ship goods. As people changed, so did shipping transportation techniques. Airfreight is the most modern shipping method (apart from for Space Freight, which is a very specific mode of transportation that doesn’t need to be discussed). Transporting items through air freight has only been around for about a century but also has some advantages that people might not know.

Below are the advantages of Airfreight services.

  • Universal reach
  • Airfreight is different because it can receive packages to almost anywhere in the world. Many of the airlines provide more than 200 destinations each, whereas the top 5 airlines (American Airlines, Air Canada, United, Delta and Turkish Airlines) fly to approximately more than 300 destinations. This shows that air freight has the advantage over the remaining modes of transportation – it’s not possible for sea freight to drive on land and land freight cannot swim.

  • Tracking of shipment
  • Nearly every air freight carriers give online tracking service. Tracking service has presently turned out to be quite common in land and sea shipping companies too.

  • Highly precise shipping dates
  • Not like other shipping methods, air freight is very reliable - according to flight stats, a few years back for top 5 airlines, the late arrival rate was less than 15% and flight cancellation rate was hardly 2%. In fact, this trustworthiness made possible for postal service companies to give assurance of overnight delivery using air freight. Cargo that travels through the ocean has a wide difference in delivery dates. This inconsistency in delivery dates is because of the loading and unloading time at the ports. All these can bottleneck due to lack of space, equipment, machinery and workforce.

  • Swiftness
  • Airfreight and speed go conjointly with each other. When your cargo has to be moved promptly, then air freight is the fastest accessible way out. FedEx air freight, provide the services where they ship a package from Hong Kong to Delaware in just 24-48 hours, while the same delivery via sea would take at least 30 to 60 days and sometimes even more.

    Lesser risk and expenses because of short transit times. As air freight has extremely short lead times, chances of goods getting spoiled or stolen are hardly any. Less shipping time makes it possible to carry perishable goods as well as valuable goods (such as precious metals, jewelry, and banknotes) with far less risk of theft. Because of this lesser risk, and also the high level of security in airports, insurance costs for air freight are generally 10% - 30% lesser than the ones for ocean freight. As ordered items can be delivered quickly (generally less than a week), there is no need to keep high volumes of goods in stock to ensure you won't run out before the next air freight shipment arrives. With lesser back stock items in your warehouse, there’s comparatively less risk of goods becoming obsolete or getting damaged as they wait for their turn to be sold.

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